Are women's clothes sizes getting smaller?

The average Kiwi woman today is a size 14, which is considered plus-size.

In today's society, being skinny is often seen as the ideal body type. Many women (and men) diet and exercise to try to achieve this "perfect" look.

While there are many health concerns associated with being overweight, an extreme focus on thinness can also be dangerous. Research has shown that constant dieting and weight loss attempts can lead to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, chronic Yo-yo dieting—or losing and gaining back pounds repeatedly—can have serious physical effects like disrupting hormone levels, which can then lead to fertility issues later down the road.

So what's the answer? How can we create a better relationship with our bodies and stop condemning ourselves for not looking like the models in magazines? Well, one way might be by wearing clothes that actually fit us properly.

Unfortunately, it seems that even clothing sizes are becoming smaller and smaller, making it harder than ever for women to find clothes that fit comfortably and make them feel good about themselves. Maybe it's time for clothing companies to start manufacturing clothes that come in a wider range of sizes so that everyone can feel confident and comfortable in their own skin—no matter their size or shape.

However, the average size of women's clothing has decreased over the years. In fact, most clothing brands now carry sizes that are two or more sizes smaller than they did just ten years ago.

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