New Years' and some traditions around the world.

Have you heard about  Réveillon?
Have you been invited to a party on New Year's Eve that goes on until the next morning, and as part of this tradition, you wear something new? 
But it is not enough to be new, the color you chose to wear at that party means what you are hoping to happen in your life during the year that is just starting.
Tell me more, I can hear your curiosity saying...
We all desire and hope for good things to happen in our lives. Unfortunately, we don't have the power to wave a magic wand or pop our fingers to make a special wish come true. 
That is when the superstition comes to action, either to protect you from bad luck or bring all the good luck possible.
For New Year's Eve specifically, we have a good one. Some countries have a traditional party for New Year's Eve, called Réveillon. There is a list of little things that people organize specifically for that party. One very interesting is to chose which color to wear that evening. Of course, we are talking about superstition and tradition.
What would you like to happen in your life, next year? Is that love, is that money, maybe get healthier?
The color you chose will define what kind of energy you are putting out there and make the best for the next 365 days. 
Below you will find the meaning for some colors and I hope you will can have fun and enjoy not just the New Years Eve party (if you are going to one) but also may the next year bring you all you are hopping  for.
  • White - Peace
  • Gold - Wealth
  • Silver - Innovation
  • Pink - Romance
  • Black - Independence
  • Blue - Serenity
  • Green - Hope
  • Red - Passion
  • Orange - Creativity
  • Purple - Spirituality








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