What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear polka-dot?

Somehow, does it make you think about a by-gone time? Prepare yourself for some good news: Because polka-dots have been in vogue for so long you can be assured this stylish piece will have pride of place in your wardrobe for many years to come! So go on, be  brave and buy that amazing polka dot piece you found the other day.Now these polka dots are back on trend there’s no stopping how popular and fashionable you will look this season!.


I can almost bet you have in mind the same old black and white garment and are looking for an easy way to add that touch of sophistication and romanticism to your look. Then you should seriously check out this Midi Tulle Skirt for some inspiration. To mix it up a little you can swap the top for a nice blouse. Another tip for the office would be a white blazer, or even your favourite cardigan would make an excellent combination

Once upon a time, back in the 19ths century, the polka-dot made its entrance into the fashion world adorning small pieces like scarfs, ties, and kerchiefs. Next summer 2021 we will be able to find the polka dot anywhere from swim suits to sophisticated dresses and in brighter and more vibrant colours.

Looking for something gorgeous for next season, Then check out this stunning maxi dress, printed with brown dots on a light green background. Perfect for a summer wedding.

Are you thinking - too many dots? You can put your mind at ease because this super fun, repetitive pattern of spots can help any accessory to blend in; and there are many ways you can incorporate the print into your wardrobe. Polka-dot outfits are the street style for 2021 and again, one of the world's favourite patterns. 


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