Picking the best color for next season is not going to be a problem as you have so many options to choose from. 16 colors to make spring and summer exciting and vibrant. You read it right! 

Four classic and sophisticated colors that will make it easy to mix and combine with all other options. Here some ideas for you.


LOUNGEWEAR - Lovely, warm, cute, feminine. Comfort is the first thing that comes to mind when we think loungewear. Unless, of course, you combine it with high heels. Then attitude will make the statement, you can be sexy and still comfy.

BLOSSOM - Cherry blossom flower coming to mind? It is impossible not to think about all those flowers and beautiful trees, and of course, springtime. Blossom bliss.... that energy of starting something new and fresh. Have you tried to mix blossom pink with indigo blue or vibrant pink? Check this option (Sophi Set) and fall in love with this color.


RED - Yes! Signature color. You wear red and somehow anything is possible. For sure you will be noted. The idea that you send the message that you are in control... that you are not afraid... because red empowers your day and your vibe.


BLUEBERRY  - Classic, elegant, and breaks that "same-old and safe" idea of wearing black all the time. Did I tell you that also matches so well with light colors?


ROSE BROWN - It may not be the first color on your mind, but think about accessories. Okay, now think again and pic yourself wearing this gorgeous and delicate knitted dress.


SAND - This color can easily pair with any other. It is kind of neutral and safe, still fresh and summery. Made from a sweet white polka dot print, the mini waves dress is perfect for summer (Photo: Mini waves dress). With this other option, all you need is to pair with heels for a night on the town. (Paula Set)


New York fashion colors below


some variations on the London palette below:



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