Who decides your wardrobe? Your age or your style?

Who decides your wardrobe? Your age or your style?

I asked myself the other day if my age was deciding what I was wearing, or since I am getting older, I was being more authentic and keeping my style matching my personality. Was I?

That is when I come across some photos of Dorrie Jacobson, who is 82 years old and a style that I would die for. And then I realized that I wasn’t allowing me to be myself. I was dressing for work according to what people at workwear, and same to go to the gym, to the supermarket, to meet the girls (yes, the 40’s and 50’s year old girls). And because I am a grandmother, I was dressing like one. Gotcha !!!!

Come on… What does that even mean? What is “to dress like a grandmother”? Does it mean bean uncool, unstylish, or blasé? Wait a minute? Am I going through something right now that makes me uncomfortable?

Yes, and that word starts with “M” and ends with “menopause.” For over two years, I did search anything and anyone that could do or say something to help me - of course, I went to the doctor, I even went to a specialist! Anyway.
My age or my hot flashes will not decide my style.

I love sneakers !!!! I feel alive when I can mix any peace with my favorite white sneakers. It is true that with age, our feet get more sensitive. But at any age, if your shoes are not comfortable, you will struggle.

I love huge earrings! Silver and gold and white, and red, and pink!

I love the color: red is my favorite, so is blue, and pink and white and yellow. And after years and years of letting my gray hair grow and grow, I’ve changed my mind and dyed my hair dark blond again.

And I feel so good.

I know there is a lot of young and clever people inspiring millions of young people. But thanks God there are also a few amazing, gorgeous and sexy ladies doing exactly the same: Inspiring!
Maybe you are one of them, so don’t be affray to be yourself.





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